Hearing Is Connected to Your Whole-Body Health – Don’t Let It Go Untreated

Are you having trouble hearing? Has the inability to clearly hear people caused problems for you, your family, and friends? Nearly 15% of adults in America — that’s 37.5 million people age 18 and older — have reported some type of hearing trouble. Hearing loss itself can be quite nerve-wracking, but it can also be an indicator of other health issues or lead to certain conditions. Some of those conditions can include depression, diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, dementia, cognitive decline, and increased risks such as falling and increased hospitalizations. Studies continue to prove that there is a link between mounting health conditions and hearing loss. The medical field has only just begun to see exactly how ears and hearing are connected to your entire body and health. Those conditions could be avoided if hearing loss is treated by a local audiologist.

Dealing with hearing loss can seem quite scary. What is scarier is if you don’t deal with it at all and your quality of life declines. There are qualified health professionals available who have the training and expertise needed to provide you with great hearing care. Your primary care provider can help address the initial problem to ensure there is no injury, infection, or other type of condition like ear wax buildup, which could be causing hearing loss. If your hearing loss cannot be treated by a primary care physician, then they will refer you to a local audiologist who can help.

What Is an Audiologist?

A local audiologist has specialized training in testing hearing and identifying the type and degree of hearing loss. They are not to be confused with physicians, although they have a doctor of audiology graduate degree. An audiologist is licensed to dispense and fit hearing aids to people, they and also work closely with families adapting to hearing loss. You can depend on them to determine which devices, including different hearing aid brands, will be best for you.

Get a Personalized Hearing Solution

One of the biggest benefits of seeing a local audiologist is the precise diagnosis they can give. They have the specific tests needed to determine your particular type of hearing loss and to what degree you may already suffer. This allows a local audiologist the ability to administer and prescribe personalized solutions with the additional benefit of ongoing care, support, and hearing aid repair Yuma residents need. It is vital to seek care immediately when you first notice you are having a problem hearing. Your local audiologist can work with you long term so you get the treatment needed as soon as possible.

What Does a Hearing Evaluation Process Include?

It stands to reason if you have never had your hearing tested by an audiologist you may not understand what the evaluation process is like. A licensed specialist tends to have many years of experience so you are assured consistent care from a knowledgeable professional. Most audiologists provide a free assessment to get started. A free assessment includes a hearing test that will determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids.

Once it has been determined what degree of hearing loss you are dealing with, then it is time for product selection. The best model and style of hearing aid, if that’s what you need, will be determined along with how well it fits in your budget. Then payment and warranty options can be discussed so you learn everything you need to know about improving your hearing. Everything discussed is meant to help improve your health.

Reach Your Full Hearing Potential

Being able to fully hear again is nothing short of a miracle. Experienced audiology teams take an approach focused on results. All services and products are tailored to fit your specific needs. Over time you can depend on an audiology team to create a case history for you so it can be determined how much hearing problems have impacted your life, and how it can be remedied.