Hearing Loss and Aging: What Is the Connection?

Hearing loss is often associated with aging. The trusted audiologist Sun City West seniors rely on for hearing aids, hearing tests, and other audiology services that can help you to understand the connection between aging and hearing loss.

Unfortunately, many people do not seek out the audiology help that they need until they have substantial hearing loss. Audiology should be a regular part of your health care. Learning more about aging and hearing loss can help you be prepared to make an appointment with a local audiologist.

Why Does Hearing Loss Occur as We Age?

Hearing loss is so prevalent as we age that it has its own name: presbycusis. Presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, occurs over time and affects one out of three people from the ages of 65 to 74.

It is thought that changes to the inner ear as we age bring on hearing loss. Another change that is considered a possible cause of presbycusis is changes to the auditory nerve system from years of exposure to noise.

Unfortunately, an audiology exam may not be able to reveal why there is a hearing loss but it can detect the loss. Luckily, while the cause for this problem may be elusive, there are solutions available to those suffering from hearing loss. Your audiologist may suggest you use hearing aids to restore your hearing.

Regular Hearing Tests Are Imperative

Annual hearing exams will help to document any changes in your hearing. They can also provide an opportunity for early intervention as you age. Hearing loss can:

  • Impact your social life
  • Affect your personal life
  • Impact your health care

Hearing loss is a serious concern that can affect every area of your life. Not being able to clearly understand people can cause hearing loss sufferers to self-isolate to avoid uncomfortable social situations where they cannot participate in conversations.

Not being able to fully hear what health care providers are recommending can be a serious health threat. The fact is your hearing is vital to your health, wellness, and safety. An annual audiology appointment should be on your radar. In many cases, patients do not realize how bad their hearing has gotten.

You do not have to suffer in silence. There are solutions for improving your hearing. Make an appointment for your annual hearing test and meet with an audiologist today.