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How Often Should You Have a Hearing Test?

You’re more than likely used to scheduling regular checkups, dental exams, annual physicals, and vision tests. Those exams and tests are more commonplace and a routine part of taking care of yourself. However, a hearing test is missing from that line-up. It may not be intentional to leave out a hearing exam, but many people are just unaware of how important hearing tests are and that they should be a part of your routine medical care.

How Often Should You Have Your Hearing Tested?

Detecting hearing loss early is the key. Age is a strong factor for hearing loss in adults aged 20 to 69. The group with the highest amount of hearing loss are adults aged 60 to 69. Per the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, adults between the ages of 18 to 40 who don’t notice any hearing loss still need to schedule hearing exams three to five times a year.

Schedule a Hearing Test When Exposed to Loud Noises

Besides age-related hearing loss, being exposed to loud sounds is a common reason for hearing loss. People of all ages are affected by this. However, if you are frequently exposed to deafening noises, your risk of suffering permanent hearing loss is much higher.

This includes people working in noisy environments such as manufacturing or construction. It also includes people who participate in activities that are loud, such as hunting, going to concerts, and riding motorcycles. If you experience blaring noises often, you need to schedule a hearing test at least once a year.

Hearing Tests Are Important for People With Hearing Loss

If you have already been diagnosed with a hearing problem and use hearing aids, you need your hearing checked routinely. Your hearing could continue to change, making it imperative that your hearing aids are providing the maximum benefit and are properly programmed. Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, an annual hearing test makes it much easier to establish a baseline and catch problems in the future.

Whether you experience a sudden change in your hearing ability or just a slight change, you need to have your hearing tested. People that are not at risk still need to have their hearing checked every two years. Don’t wait, make an appointment with an audiologist to schedule a hearing test to have your hearing evaluated.