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You Are Not Alone: What Your Local Hearing Center Can Do For You

About 37.5 million American adults (around 15%) aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing, but how do you know when your hearing trouble has become more serious? If you are looking to consult an audiologist or ear care center about your trouble hearing, keep reading to learn more about some of the services found at your local hearing center.

Hearing Tests and Evaluations

The first step to determining the extent of your hearing loss is to undergo a hearing evaluation. A full hearing evaluation involves many steps. First, an experienced audiologist will ask you questions and collect a case history to determine the impacts of your hearing loss, your history, and learn more about when and how your hearing loss began. Next, you will undergo hearing tests to determine whether you need hearing repair, possibly in the form of a hearing aid. You may also be referred to a medical doctor to assess any other medical conditions that may be causing your hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

Based on the results of your evaluation and hearing tests, an audiologist may recommend a hearing aid. You will be able to look at and even try out a hearing aid before you make a decision, and your qualified hearing professional will answer all of your questions and concerns. You may need to have ear impressions taken if you choose custom hearing aids or if your behind-the-ear device requires earmolds. Once you decide on a hearing aid, it may take some time until your device is ordered and programmed. However, this is the most important step in your hearing repair.

Additionally, your local hearing center may offer live speech mapping during your hearing aid fitting to ensure your device is programmed according to your needs. This new technology is a more effective way to program your hearing aid accurately. Live speech mapping is also interactive and involves the participation of family members so that both you and your family can be involved in the hearing aid mapping process. This is also important for building your confidence and is a great way to make the process easier and more comfortable for you.

Hearing Aid Repair

Now that you have received hearing repair in the form of a hearing aid, you probably feel better than ever before. But what if something goes wrong with your hearing aid? Before you head to a hearing aid repair center, see what your local hearing center can do for you. If you live in Arizona, try one of the seven convenient locations Paradise Hearing has in your area. Your local hearing aid repair center can provide the best service to repair your hearing aid as quickly as possible. They may also be able to fix older hearing aids. Search “hearing aid repair yuma” or hearing center near me” to find more information on your local hearing center and its services.

The loss of hearing can happen over time without you even realizing it. This is why it is so important to see a qualified audiologist if you are experiencing trouble hearing. Choose an ear care center that offers comprehensive hearing repair, from evaluations and hearing tests to hearing aid fittings and repair—your ears will thank you!