Signs Of Hearing Loss

Many people fall victim to hearing loss and don’t even realize it. The reason for this is because the signs are incredibly subtle and emerge slowly. But sometimes hearing loss does occur suddenly. If you feel that you maybe suffering from hearing loss take a look at these common indicators and see for yourself.


You frequently require people to repeat themselves
You have problems following along in a conversation with more than 2 people
You think many people mumble or sound muffled
You have difficulty hearing others in a noisy atmosphere like malls, restaurants, or crowded meeting rooms
You have trouble hearing women and children
You constantly have you television or radio at an incredibly high volume
Your ears ring
You start reading lips or carefully watching people’s faces when speaking with you


Your stress levels increase from trying to understand others
You’re constantly annoyed with others due to lack of understanding
You’re afraid to meet new people because of the embarrassment of not understanding them
You become nervous about trying to hear and understand others


Your family has a history of hearing loss
Your current medications can harm your hearing system
You are diabetic, or have heart, circulation, or thyroid problems
You have been exposed to loud sounds over long periods of time or have been exposed to a loud explosive noise once